Poets - ED3 S/S T-Shirt Black

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Inspired by the movie Rocky as well as a local diner in Long Island called Thomas’s Ham n Eggery.

"Breezy Hill is a neighborhood in Westbury Long Island where I grew up. It is predominantly Italian, I have relatives who’ve lived there all my life. Most Italians in that neighborhood migrated from southern Italy like my father.

Thomas’s Ham n Eggery is a diner close to Breezy Hill.

ED3 stands for 333, the first three numbers of the diner’s phone number. It was common to use letters for the first three numbers.

In the movie Rocky, this banner hangs from the rafters, also he proclaims himself a “Ham n Egger” when trying to turn down an offer to fight the champion of the world Apollo Creed.

*Side note: My pops was also a boxer."


ED3 S/S T-Shirt